We take care of all design work for your non-profit organisation.

Completely free of charge of course.


What we do

As a non-profit organisation ourselves we give back by doing what we do best - design. This means we design for your non-profit a logo, flyers, business cards, a website and everything else you might need to better spread the word what you want to achieve and attract supporters.

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No one has ever become poor by giving.”

— Anne Frank


Our core competency is design - we are all professional designers and creators.

Our day-to-day design work is done at:


Our Mission

We want to give back and support creating a better world. We think every bit counts. We know that creating professional looking branding materials is expensive, therefore most non-profit organisations struggle with that.
And we also know that a professional appearance is key to attract supporters for your good cause.



of Swiss residents are part of a non-profit organisation


of Swiss residents are part because they want to support others


of Swiss residents are part because they want to have an impact


We select carefully which non-profit organisation we can support best.
But feel free to drop us a request how you think we can do good for the community.

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Get Involved

If you are also a designer or a design agency and want to do good by what you know best, support our cause now.

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